Preparing young people for the future of work


Presentation: Preparing young people for the future of work

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Unless schools broaden learning objectives, many students will fail to become capable, successful adults – putting Australia’s social and economic wellbeing at risk.

Kate Torii presented on how Australia is fairing when it comes to Preparing young people for the future of work  when she kicked off the Outer Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network (OELLEN) annual VCAL Quality Assurance day for teachers.

The presentation covered:

Current shifts in the labour market and projections about the future of work

Globalisation and automation are impacting future jobs. While we can’t predict with certainty how many jobs be replaced by machines, it is likely that what we do in every job will be affected in some way.

How Australia’s education system is tracking against our national objectives

While participation and attainment has improved in the last 10 years, a succession of data sources has demonstrated that Australia’s academic achievement is flat lining. Disengagement is a major concern, particularly considering the close link between students’ attitude towards learning and their achievement in learning.

Possible solutions

Strengthening young people’s capabilities is an important way forward. New approaches to teaching and assessing capabilities like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, interpersonal and communication skills are being trialled in leading classrooms around Australia.