Getting it right early


Getting it right early

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One of the key ways  to ensure ongoing improvement in early learning opportunities for Australian children is to have policies that focus on maintaining and improving the quality of education young children receive.

Dr Charlene Smith presented on how Australia is fairing when it comes to early childhood education at the 2018 Early Years Conference in Cairns. 

Australia's early learning policy landscape

Evidence for the benefits of high quality early learning experiences is building rapidly. The challenge now is translating this research into practical policies that reach all children. Some of the areas where shifts in policy can have a great impact on children’s early learning are:

  • parental leave
  • support for early childhood education and care (ECEC), and
  • provision of preschool or kindergarten.

What parents should know about ECEC

Children are learning from before they are born, they are constantly developing, growing and discovering. Quality early learning can enhance young children's experiences by:

  • building on individual interests and abilities
  • providing a chance to learn and experience new things
  • providing opportunities meet different people, make friends, get along with others and be involved in a community
  • helping them become ready for school and do better when they get there
  • providing care and growth experiences while parents work, study or attend to other responsibilities.