Powerful learning and teaching

Our current education system's one-size fits-all approach is leading to growing achievement gaps and disengaged young people. We are optimising curiosity and learning to stretch students so no one is left behind.  

Powerful Learning and Teaching is aimed at

  • Improving the quality and consistency of teaching, and
  • Lifting student learning skills, curiosity, creativity, motivation and progress.

This approach to teacher education aims to improve the teaching quality of both pre-service teachers and registered teachers. It is based on a whole school approach aimed at enhancing student curiosity and motivation.

2 networks in 2 states, 44 schools, 4 universities, 30000 students, 2100 teachers and 100 pre-service teachers

 Our approach

We are using six key elements to guide success:

  • Curiosity and creativity: We're putting curiosity at the centre of learning, with precision to develop capabilities and confidence.
  • Inside-Out Model: Rather than describe change as top-down or bottom-up, we work from the inside-out. Students, teachers and teacher educators lead the change.
  • Collaborative Inquiry: Registered teachers work with pre-service teachers to plan, evaluate and improve practice. 
  • Structured mutually beneficial profession-led partnerships: Relationships tailored to ensure teacher education continues from initial preparation to continuing professional development. 
  • Leadership to sustain partnerships: We work with schools and universities to develop capabilities that will sustain work beyond the life of the project.
  • An evidence base to inform and guide change: Research seeks to understand what is needed for a future-focused teacher education system with a sustainable learning focus.

This project has been made possible by our partner universities - Victoria University, Monash University, RMIT University and Griffith University, and our funders - Sidney Myer Fund and the Victorian Department of Education and Training. 

Financial and in-kind contributions are also provided by the Queensland Department of Education and Training, participating schools and universities. 


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