The Paradigm Shifters: Entrepreneurial learning in schools

Young people need to be creative, curious, resilient and resourceful to thrive in a fast-changing world. This initiative brings together Mitchell Institute researchers including renowned international education expert Yong Zhao, the Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals, the New South Wales Secondary Principals' Council - Western Sydney Region, network coordinators and over a hundred teachers and students across Victoria and New South Wales. We are building evidence from the ground up and translating it into practical solutions to develop critical capabilities. More details about how we're working are in our first newsletter

The initiative aims to make secondary schooling meet the learning needs of all young people and advance their capacities and talents. 

This innovative trial will provide schools with the tools to contribute to local and global educational transformation. We are testing ideas directly in practice and connecting with policy makers to bring about informed and feasible policy solutions. 

Over 12 months, school leadership teams (where students are key, active partners) commit to co-designing and implementing action in their schools. Their three principles are:

    • Develop more personalised education experiences, so each person can pursue passions and talents to excel in unique ways
    • Engage in creative and entrepreneurial product oriented learning experiences that can, in authentic ways, benefit local and global communities
    • Cultivate and prototype new approaches, processes and or products

Who we're working with

We’re working with 23 government schools – 12 in Victoria and 11 in New South Wales. Each state network is supported by a network coordinator, who sources international and local experts, coordinates network gatherings and communications and advances peer to peer teaching.

New South Wales Secondary Principals Council, Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals and Mitchell Institute. 2 network coordinators, 21 schools - 11 in New South Wales and 10 in Victoria 

Mitchell Professorial Fellow Yong Zhao, the Mitchell policy team, the Victorian Association for State Secondary School Principals and the New South Wales Secondary Principals' Council (via Rooty Hill High School) also provide guidance.


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