Our approach

Our goal is for an education system that equips all young people to be creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and capable learners.

Mitchell Institute approach. Goal: An education system that equips ALL young people to be creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and capable learners. Intent: Increasing early learning opportunities, redefining schooling and transforming vocational and higher education. Evidence: Analysis, modelling and research, field work, collaboration and partnerships and feasibility and funding. Insights: Translate into evidence-based action and policy solutions. Influence: Influence public debate through media. influence policy making by engaging with government, business, peak bodies and education leaders. Impact: We champion policy changes that deliver quality educational opportunities for all children and young people.

What we do

We work directly with governments and providers to build an education system that is future-focused, supports individual success, and meets the needs of a globalised economy.

We address Australia’s most challenging education issues through evidence-based inquiry, public debate and by trialling solutions on-the-ground.

Our work

Educational opportunity for all children

  • We assess the performance of the entire education system from toddlers to tertiary graduates to find out where to invest to make the most difference.

Designing better and fairer vocational higher education

  • We’re working to improve the tertiary sector to produce entrepreneurial and skilled workers.

Transforming teaching and learning at school

  • We’re developing great teachers and transforming schools to develop curious, creative and resilient learners.