Kindergarten programs in Victoria


Factsheet: Kindergarten programs in Victoria

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The Victorian Government's commitment to the early years is reaping benefits, with some of the highest rates of participation in the country. Victoria also has a clear commitment to kindergarten access for the three year olds that stand to benefit the most.

Key facts

  • 57 per cent of 3 year olds are enrolled in ECEC (in long day care, sessional kindergarten and family day care)
  • 7 per cent of 3 year olds are enrolled in kindergarten programs (this figure under-represents Victorian kindergarten participation because of the way data is collected)
  • 100 per cent of children are enrolled in kindergarten programs in the year before school
  • 83 per cent are attending for 15 hours or more (noting data is collected in a reference week and under-estimates actual attendance across the year)
  • There is a mixed market of provision in Victoria, with children attending kindergarten programs in government and non-government services, as well as in long day care settings
  • Total per-child expenditure in Victoria is below the national average.

Proportion of 3 year olds enrolled in all ECEC and preschool




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