Entrepreneurial learning: key points for policy makers


Entrepreneurial learning: key points for policy makers

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Australian schooling needs a paradigm shift. Mastery of knowledge and test-taking skills are no longer enough to succeed.

Entrepreneurial learning is an emerging way of responding to the growing need to enhance student capabilities to apply knowledge in sophisticated ways, to deepen student engagement and to cultivate the mindsets to position students for success.

Building the evidence base

Entrepreneurial learning appears to be a promising approach to schooling to enhance student capabilities and deepen engagement for students from all backgrounds. It is therefore important to further strengthen the knowledge base, especially as it applies in Australian schools, with more research and evaluations. Priorities are:

  •  Learning how schools cultivate the dispositions and teacher skillsets that are considered crucial for entrepreneurial, product-oriented learning.
  •  Identifying the potential implications of a product-oriented learning approach for initial and ongoing teacher education in Australia.
  • Gathering further evidence of how students and teachers are assessing the outcomes of entrepreneurial learning, and the longer-term impacts of this approach for students; and in doing so, provide practical advice to schools to assist them in deciding how this approach could be part of their pedagogical toolkit.

What the initiative partners said

“It was terrific to see the student work at the forum … It was also a highlight to see the students interacting across the two states – it is a rare opportunity for students to feel part of something as broad as this.” VASSP President.

“When we see projects like this happen, it refocuses us and we realise the power of what students can actually do. It brings to life what can happen.” NSWSPC President.