The importance of quality in early childhood development

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) is becoming a hot policy issue around the country. To make the most out of any investment in ECEC, we need to focus on quality.

Hear expert insights on how to support early childhood development in Australia. Robert Bolton, Education Editor at the Australian Financial Review, will facilitate this important discussion. 


Associate Professor Sheila DeGotardi
Deputy Head, Research, Department of Educational Studies, Macquarie University
Sheila specialises in infant-toddler curriculum, pedagogy and learning. Her primary research area examines learning and teaching with infants and toddlers in early childhood education centres.

Alys Gagnon
Executive Director, The Parenthood
Alys is a writer, editor, organiser and advocate. She most recently worked in media, as an editor at Australia’s largest parenting media site Kidspot and at the Mamamia Women’s Network.

Liam McNicholas
Senior Manager, Professional Leadership & Practice, Northside Children’s Services
Liam is an experienced early childhood teacher, writer and advocate. He is a regular commentator on Australian and international early learning policy, advocacy and quality issues.

Janet Williams-Smith
Director, Research and Development

Janet has a strong background in social justice, social inclusion and practice and policy development in Australia and the UK. Before joining ECMS, Janet worked at the Children’s Protection Society where she designed and delivered care and education models for children at risk of abuse and neglect. Janet has also managed research into the benefits of high-quality early childhood education and care for children at risk.