Mitchell Institute is extending educational opportunity to all Australians. 

22% of children are not prepared for school, 28% don't have foundational literacy and numeracy skills, 26% don't attain Year 12 or equivalent by 19 and 26% of 24 years olds are not full time learning or earning. We're working to fix these problems by delivering policy solutions for quality early education, developing great teachers and transforming schools and designing better and fairer vocational and higher education. These changes lead to all kids ready for learning, curious, creative and resilient learners and entrepreneurial and skilled workers.

Thousands of young Australians are missing out on educational opportunities. We look at the entire education system, tracking young people’s pathways from before school, through primary and secondary school and into tertiary studies and careers.

Mitchell was established in 2013 by Victoria University with founding investment from the Harold Mitchell Foundation.  

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